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Contract Options & Fees

ODPAS is a wonderful place to grow!!

We offer make-up classes as well as drop in classes and 5 or 10 class Class Cards!!

ODPAS continues to be the valley’s best value for dance and martial arts training - while still producing high quality results!

Come see what our studio is all about and join in on the excitement!

Updated rates will be posted soon.
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Enrollment in classes & most Studio programs is on a rolling basis
(meaning that we accept new registration throughout the year)

Classes & programs are offered year-round

We offer family discounts & a financial assistance program is available on a limited basis for qualifying students/families.

Annual Studio Fee:
(Additional immediate family members pay only $10 for Annual Studio Fee)

Contract Options:
Contracts are offered in 4 and 6 month options

A 2-month trial contract option is available for new students
**Please note that all contracts start at the beginning of a month and end at the end of a month. If you wish to start classes after the first
week of a month, with a submitted contract, you will pay a discounted rate per class and your contract rate will start the first of the
upcoming month. This per class rate is only permitted if a 2, 4, or 6 month contract is purchased prior to attending classes (beyond any
courtesy trial classes.)

Calculation of Contract Tuition:
Junior Contract = 30 minute class once a week (ex: PreBallet, Kid Kicks)
Yellow Contract = one 45-90 minute class once a week
Orange Contract = two 45-90 minute classes each week
Blue Contract = three 45-90 minute classes each week
Red Contract = four or more 45-90 minute classes each week (open contract)
Extensions Contract = for students wishing to take more classes per week (3 or more) and who are wanting to commit
to a minimum 6 month contract period. Classes can be combined between dance and martial arts programming.
Contract Rates (as of September 1, 2017):
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Drop-In rate/Class Punch Cards:
$12.00 per class
$55.00 for a 5 class Class Card ($11/class)
$100.00 for a 10 class Class Card ($10/class)
* Classes that allow drop-in or Class Cards may be restricted. Please make sure to check on availability.

Private Instruction:
Private instruction is scheduled as instructors are available. Rates listed below are for select ODPAS instructors/staff (however these rates may vary and will be confirmed prior to instruction. Program directors & guest/residence instructor private rates may differ. Original Choreography (competition or otherwise) consults or rehearsal rates will differ. (Please see the division director regarding these policies.)
$25 - 30 minutes $45 - 60 minutes

Additional Fees may be required for participation in our dance company, demonstration teams, competition fees, workshop classes, master classes, performances, testing / evaluation procedures, etc. Contract Fees only cover actual class time. Students are also responsible for purchasing any attire or equipment required for classes or activities.
(all fees and terms are subject to change with advance written and/or published notification)